AZ (Tractor-Trailer Driver Training)

Class “A” License – Tractor Trailer You are qualified to drive any tractor-trailer combination and may also drive vehicle in Class D and G.

This Program is a Vocational Program & approved under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Tractor Trailer MELT Program This enhanced MELT 104 Hours Commercial Truck Driver Training Standard (Class A) program is the most robust educational program we offer, designed by certified professionals to respond to ever-changing industry and its demands in the trucking industry.

It includes advanced skills, in-depth driving, techniques and complete knowledge of the trucking industry including current changed regulatory Ministry of Transportation (MTO) standards requirements.

DZ (D-Truck Driver Training)

 You are eligible to drive any truck or combination provided the towed vehicle not over 4600 Kg.

Class D Driver Requirements:

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Must hold a valid Ontario Driver’s License “G” or higher

• Meet Medical and Vision Standard Class D Training Includes:

 • Pre-trip Truck Inspection

 • One on one training

 • One on one training • Log book in cab inspection

 • automatic Transmission

 • Turning, and backing up

 • In cab theory, emergency exits

 • Medical form provided

 • Truck/Bus included for the M.T.O. road test‏ This Program does not require approval under the private career College Act, 2005 and not set as ‘Vocational Program

Air Brake

This course is designed to teach students about the air brake system, its components and how to maintain an Air brake system. This course is required for anyone driving a truck or bus with an Air brake system. It has two parts, theory and practical. It is 12 hours course, which makes students familiar with air brake systems. Our Instructors are certified/approved by Ontario Safety League.

Course Requirement:

• Must have Valid Ontario Class ‘G’ license or higher. Learning Outcomes:

• Upon successful completion of the course, Candidates will be able to explain about air brake system.

• Successful candidates will given certificate issued by Ontario Safety League

• Able to identify the defects of air brake system components.

• Brake adjustment

Border Crossing

This course will give the student the knowledge of what to know and expect from officers when entering the USA, or re-entering into Canada, and that pertains to an Inward manifest, load clearance, dangerous good loads restrictions knowledge, contacting brokers, immigration consulted questions and rules & regulations.

Duration of the course is 5-6 hours and mostly on weekend.

After successful completion of the program, School Certification will be given.


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